express same day delivery available within metro manila
express same day delivery available within metro manila

Cancellation Policy

  1.  All cancellations by the buyer must be made prior to shipment of his/her order. Once the parcel has been shipped, cancellation is no longer allowed.
  1.  Orders may be cancelled by our store due to the following reasons: 
  • Customer has failed two (2) times to receive the order via home delivery;
  • If the order has been evaluated as a potential case of fraud;
  • Other cases when order cannot be fulfilled (shortage of stocks, force majeur, events which could not be foreseen or which, though foreseen, were inevitable. This may refer to natural occurrences such as floods or typhoons, or an "act of man," such as riots, community quarantine, strikes or wars)
  • If your delivery address is not serviceable by our partner couriers


  1. In the event that our store cancels an order, it shall be in full, not partially/per item.


  1. Customers will be duly notified in the event that an order has been cancelled.


  1. For cancelled orders, your refund will be processed through the payment channel that you used when you placed your order: Ex: paypal, refund shall be processed through paypal payment reversal.